Survive and thrive in an uncertain world

Thursday, January 20, 2022 - 02:00


The 2008 crisis, the Arab Spring, the decline of Nokia, the Fukushima nuclear accident, Brexit, the elections of Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron, the Covid-19 epidemic... The list goes on and on of recent events that have taken us by surprise. As our world becomes ever more uncertain, governments and businesses persist in planning for the unknown. Their decision support tools, based for more than a century on a predictive paradigm, are proving to be inappropriate. Is it time to reinvent them entirely? During our next Visio Café Sapiens, we will have the pleasure of welcoming Philippe Silberzhan, professor of innovation at EM Lyon, who will present his new essay, as well as Pierre Stanislas, CEO of Wilov, who will bring his old perspective banker, entrepreneur and creator of mobile applications.