Swedish groups with subsidiaries abroad 2020

July 7, 2022

The report presents statistics on the extent of and changes in Swedish groups with at least one subsidiary abroad. During the pandemic year 2020, there were 3,833 Swedish groups with subsidiaries abroad. This is an increase of 20 groups compared to 2019. Of the groups studied, 32 percent had subsidiaries in Norway, 21 percent in Denmark and 20 percent in Finland.

The number of employees decreased during the year

The number of employees was roughly 2.1 million people. This is a decrease of 2.5 percent compared to the previous year. The number of employees abroad decreased by 44,065 people to 1,472,200 and the number of employees in Sweden decreased by 11,019 to 679,682.

The individual countries of establishment with the most employees were the USA with 214,405, Germany with 103,416 and China with 90,983. The largest reductions in the number of employees occurred in the USA (19,227) and Great Britain (9,573). In Norway, the number of employees increased by 2,414 people and in the Netherlands by 2,333 people. Just over half of all employees abroad were in groups with at least 5,000 employees in Sweden (29 groups).

Turnover decreased abroad and increased in Sweden

The groups' total turnover was SEK 6,421 billion (3,797 abroad and 2,624 in Sweden). There was a decrease of SEK 194 billion or 5 percent abroad and an increase of SEK 106 billion or 4 percent in Sweden.