Poverty as Pandemic: A Redefinition

January 19, 2022

The Covid-19 Pandemic brought disease and death to our faces in ways nobody anticipated. All of us stood witness to the travesty the virus carried in its wake. From suffering economies to existential insecurities, the tears to our social fabric stand in testimony to the absolute halt at which the human race stood. Most importantly, the Pandemic threw light to the shrouds we had conveniently placed on those beneath us. It revealed pre-existing inequalities of all kinds and natures that have intensified as we moved into the Covid world. Even when we say that there is no inequality in death, we forget that death was readily available to those who could not afford to live in the past two years, who did not have a fighting chance to sustain in the Pandemic. Rich made it to the headlines for enhancing their wealth while the poor silently descended into unimaginable dearth.