About the Commercial Strategy with China, A Return to the Past?

December 27, 2021

In a   highly anticipated speech by US Representative  Katherine Tai  outlining the Biden administration's strategy   toward  China , trade policy  watchers we are left with more questions than answers. Under repeated calls for clarity, the administration had been adamant that it was reviewing all actions taken by the Trump administration before setting its own agenda. Almost a year after the presidential election, however, the administration has little to prove as a result of its reflection. In fact, the vision outlined in Tai's speech a few weeks ago was a repeat of his predecessor's strategy with new packaging — different in style but not in substance. For those looking for a definitive signal about what US trade policy toward China would be, the announcement earlier this month was disappointing. But the fact that Biden's team has failed to articulate clear policy may not be as bad as it sounds. Instead, it provides an opening for a frank discussion about the direction things should take, if management is willing to listen.