Bay to Bay: China’s Greater Bay Area Plan and its Synergies for San Francisco Bay Area and U.S. Business

June 29, 2021

The Greater Bay Area is a strategic initiative of the government of China to connect Hong Kong, Macao, and nine cities in the Pearl River Delta region of Southern China. By building on and leveraging the assets of each jurisdiction, and by deepening the implementation of the “One Country, Two Systems” framework that connects Hong Kong to the mainland, it aims to create an economically integrated global megaregion. To achieve that vision, major investments are being in made in transportation and research infrastructure, and administrative changes are underway that are designed to facilitate the more efficient movement of people and goods.

China’s Greater Bay Area is not well understood outside of China, and whether it becomes a fully integrated economic region remains to be seen. If successful, however, the region’s already considerable capacity in manufacturing, technology, and services will be magnified. This report analyzes the goals of the Greater Bay Area plan, its components, challenges to its implementation, and the opportunities that a more integrated region may present for Bay Area and US business.