PRA Launches 2021 International Trademark and Patent Index

April 30, 2021

Key Findings

The United States leads the ITI 2021 with a score of 0.8794 and the IPI 2021 with a score of 5.88. The United States has effectively secured the protection of trademarks and patents providing the necessary tools to prevent IP infringement. Canada ranks 2nd in the IPI (4.88), while China ranks 2nd in the ITI (0.8625). The second position illustrates that IP assets of right-holders are fully protected even when sharing valuable platform technology with other companies. At the other end, Mauritania (0.32) and Togo (0.2625) are found in the bottom rankings in the ITI. Somalia (1.38) and Myanmar (1.32) have the lowest scores in the IPI.

Intellectual property contributes enormously to state economies and incentivize entrepreneurs to keep pushing for new advances in innovation. The co-author of the indices, Chrysa Kazakou, emphasized that “Intellectual Property Rights encourage creative activity for the benefit of a free society.”