Economic Openness: Morocco Case Study

September 22, 2020

The report highlights how, on many metrics, Morocco has made good social and economic progress in the past two decades: with its income per capita increasing by 70% since the turn of the Millennium, and poverty rates falling by 40% over the last 10 years. Moreover, Morocco has experienced significant change since 2011, when the King introduced a new constitution following the Arab Spring.


However, Morocco faces big challenges. Like the rest of the world, the current coronavirus pandemic will mean less trade and larger government deficits for some time. This will add to the challenge of the nation’s economic growth, which has been on a downward trend for the last two years.


Despite this, we see much cause for optimism. Morocco’s important trade arrangements, political stability and improving infrastructure provide a strong foundation for increased economic openness. The government continues to identify a range of economic and legal reforms that will lead to improvements, and we expect the Commission for the New Development Model to provide an impetus for further development.