Developments of Ultra High Definition Digital Television Technology

December 3, 2018

Recent advances of the UHDTV (Ultra High Definition Television) developments are evolving from 4KTV toward 8KTV in terms of the improved resolutions. The 4K UHDTV sets are getting popular on the market nowadays and 8K TVs are around the block. Technologies that support the compression and transmission of the UHDTV programs are getting matured. Facing the upcoming 5G era, the UHDTV technologies will be harmonized in various application areas such as HBB-Next (Next Generation of the Hybrid Mode TV) and Content Everywhere (Cross-media Content Production) in addition to the IoT and 3D/AR/VR proposed in the 5G Specifications.


In this study, we’ve analyzed and compared three major DTTV (Digital Terrestrial TV) systems around the world, which are the DVB-T2 by EBU in Europe, the ATSC 3.0 by FCC in the US and South Korea, as well as the next generation ISDB-T2 which is currently developed by NHK in Japan. A draft version of “the UHDTV Technology Specifications for the Terrestrial TV Stations” is proposed for the regulator to consider as the next generation UHDTV regulations. In this draft UHDTV Specs, we’ve included all three standards before the regulation policy is confirmed.