Property Rights Alliance

The Property Rights Alliance (PRA), an affiliate of Americans for Tax Reform,  is a research and advocacy organization dedicated to the protection of innovation, intellectual property rights, and physical property rights around the world. PRA works closely with famed property rights champion and President of the Institute for Liberty and Democracy (ILD) in Lima, Peru, Hernando de Soto. PRA leads publication of the International Property Rights Index (IPRI) and the Trade Barrier Index (TBI). IPRI, the flagship publication of PRA, scores the underlining institutions of a strong property rights regime: the legal and political environment, physical property rights, and intellectual property rights. It is the world’s only index entirely dedicated to the measurement of political environment, intellectual and physical property rights. Both IPRI  TBI represent tools for policymakers, business communities, and civic activists because they highlight the essential role property rights and free trade play in creating a prosperous economy and just society.