Libertad y Desarrollo

Created in 1990, Libertad y Desarrollo (LyD) is a private investigation think tank, independent of any political party and religious, governmental and/or business group, dedicated to the study and analysis of public policies and public issues, promoting the values and principles of a free society. The main objective of its founders was to create an institution committed to collaborate in the design and analysis of public policies oriented to the defense and protection of individual freedoms, free market development, respect of property rights and the promotion of progress and opportunities for Chilean inhabitants through economic development. LyD promotes the values of a free society in the economical, political, legal and social fields, making concrete proposals, investigations and publications in connection with related public policies. Luis Larraín is the Executive Director of Libertad y Desarrollo. The institution counts, likewise, with two deputy directors (public policies and legal and regulatory issues) and a group of investigators with solid academic background. It is advised by its Advisory Counsel and its Public Policy Counsel, both whose members are well known and distinguished professionals in diverse fields of expertise.