The Institute for Policy, Advocacy, and Governance (Asia Pacific)

IPAG Asia Pacific is a not for profit research institution established for the charitable purpose of producing, promoting, publishing, and disseminating leading research and discussion on various topics aimed at facilitating the advancement of Australia by improving Australia's policy formation in areas of national and international significance within the fields of climate change, sustainable development, economic development and trade, interfaith relations and peacebuilding, power and energy, human rights, gender empowerment, security and strategic affairs, migration and resettlement, and regional cooperation and integration.

IPAG Asia Pacific is committed to:

·       Making a positive contribution towards the achievement of a functional, fair, and just democratic system based on good governance;

·       Promoting a democratic system that allows for the equal distribution of basic goods and services to all people;

·       Protecting, preserving, and promoting rights of ordinary citizens in a manner that allows them to pursue their life and living consistent with the fundamental principles of equity, fairness, justice, democratic practices, and rule of law;

·       Promoting sustainable economic development that provides equal opportunities to all people and does not marginalise or exclude people who may be underprivileged; and

·       Conducting research, raising awareness, and promoting progressive policy and law reform in relation to the focus areas and establishing itself as a centre of excellence for policy issues.