Center for Research and Policy Making

Founded in 2004 under the Macedonian law as a “civic association” (or an NGO), the Center for Research and Policy Making (CRPM) engages in policy analysis, seeking to open the policy making process to citizens, improve laws, assess institutional capacities for their implementation as well as monitor and evaluate how much these policies are creating public value or are directed towards the “Europeanization” of Macedonia and the Western Balkan region.

The Center for Research and Policy Making is an organization that has a mission to promote good governance and development on the basis of relevant, evidence-based policy research, capacity building and trainings, evaluations, analyses, without regard to and independently of the particular interests of any group of the society, either political, social or economic.

CRPM’s core values, the essential and enduring tenets, are: being a pioneer in detecting important deficiencies in the functioning of the society and the public policies, providing policy advice through cutting edge research and analysis, and seeking policy changes in relevant areas, based on hard team work and individual productivity.

We also deliver trainings, make evaluations of donor programs in Macedonia and the region and conduct surveys of public opinion. CRPM regularly organizes forums, roundtables, and debates offering to policy makers “just-in-time” policy recommendations that are product of comprehensive policy research, well-argued and focused on Government actions on policy issues subject to the CRPM’s research interest.

The research activities and analysis of CRPM’s team are followed with advocacy efforts that are fully aligned with the communication and advocacy strategy of the organization. Our policy proposals are often being accepted by the governments of the region, and according to multiple indicators, such as policy impact or media appearances and commentaries, today CRPM is the leading think tank in the region. Where we stand today, however, is a result of a permanent and painstaking effort resulting in continuous growth.

CRPM has had a steady development. From 2004-2011, the organization received institutional funding and support from the OSI Think Tank fund. Since 2011, the organization has independently implemented a portfolio of up to 10 projects per year, with 8 full time staff. The funding has been diverse making the organization free of any particular interest. Since 2013 the organization has built re-granting capacity, and since 2019, CRPM leads regional programs that span across 7 countries. Currently CRPM has 12 full-time staff members and manages four bilateral programs involving: the German development agency GIZ (2 programs), the Austrian and Swedish development agencies (1 program) and the Norwegian development agency (1 program). CRPM has partnership agreements with the UN, EU, COE and OSCE.

Center for Research and Policy Making is the number-one think tank in Macedonia (Think Thank Index at University of Pennsylvania ranked CRPM on the list of 100 most influential in CEE and SEE since 2012), and it has received a Japanese Medal for Outstanding Research in development (2016) and a PASOS Think tank award (2010, 2013).