Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanisms and Climate-Tech Innovation: A Happy Coupling?

Tuesday, September 21, 2021 - 10:00

Talk of carbon border adjustment mechanisms (CBAMs) is everywhere these days. With the European Union releasing a proposal in July to apply its carbon price to imported products and the United States considering a similar approach, policymakers have renewed their focus on leveling the playing field for domestic energy-intensive manufacturers. But CBAMs pose significant implementation challenges and risks to global trading relationships, international climate agreements, and much needed climate-tech innovation.

Please join ITIF for a discussion on the current state of carbon tariffs, their challenges, and potential multilateral alternatives.


Maureen Hinman
Co-Founder and Executive Chair
Silverado Policy Accelerator
Sarah Ladislaw
Managing Director
Sam Lowe
Senior Research Fellow & Co-Founder
Centre for European Reform & UK Trade Forum
Stefan Koester
Senior Policy Analyst
Information Technology and Innovation Foundation
Ben Garside
Director and Co-Founder
Carbon Pulse