2021 Japan Science and Technology Forum-Digital Innovation and Smart Health Life

Friday, August 13, 2021 - 20:30

The Association of East Asian Relations Science and Technology Exchange Committee has been holding the "Taiwan Science and Technology Forum" every year since 2003, selecting themes that both Taiwan and Japan are interested in, and inviting experts from both industry, government, and academia. I've come. As a result, we have formed a consensus and established a vision for the development of science and technology with future potential, and at the same time, we have achieved the objectives of improving the level of science and technology exchange between Taiwan and Japan and disseminating substantial exchange results. It is now a formal platform for high-level exchange and dialogue between Taiwan and Japan.

Now, both Taiwan and Japan are facing the arrival of a super-aging society and the challenges of new lifestyles due to the effects of the new coronavirus. In order to realize a healthy and long-lived society where people can live alive, how to utilize the latest digital technology and improve the effects of medical care and healthcare is the greatest concern and issue of society. Japan entered a super-aging society in 2007. By accumulating experience of actively applying digital health to daily life, we are working to deal with problems such as the rapid increase in social costs associated with the development of super-elderly people. For example, in the "Integrated Innovation Strategy 2020" report released by the Japanese Cabinet Office in July 2020 to build sustainable social growth that can flexibly respond to changes in the times, "AI, biotechnology, In recent years, Japan has included strengthening efforts in important fields such as quantum technology, basic technologies such as materials, science and technology related to safety and security for infectious diseases and natural disasters, and environmental energy. Is advancing the enactment of medical digital innovation, smart technology, related laws and regulations, etc., and there are many places that are useful for Taiwan and deserve exchange cooperation.

The "2021 Japan Science and Technology Forum", which will be held under the guidance of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, will hold artificial intelligence (AI), healthcare robots, gene database construction, and quantum computers under the theme of "digital innovation and smart health life." Focusing on the latest smart technologies such as computers, we aim to apply and innovate across domains. Inviting promoters of Japan's innovation technology policy formulation and practice to participate online on the agenda of anti-aging medicine, social life participation support, AI health maintenance system, precision medical big data, AI dementia prevention technology, etc. Based on the consensus of digital innovation in Taiwan and Japan and the development and application of smart and healthy living, the two countries will jointly create a positive idea of ​​"data-driven innovation" and explore possible collaborative solutions. .. All programs are free to  join. Everyone in various fields, please do not hesitate to apply.