Report – Japan and Innovation: A Historical and Social Overview

April 20, 2022

When we think of the State of Japan we undoubtedly imagine one at the forefront of innovation, modern society, and the systematic implementation of technologies of the highest level. All this has been achieved with hard work and a particular focus on developing a country that understood that wealth is not in the ground but in the talent of individuals who make up society and who, in turn, are capable of generating it.  

Japan’s results and indicators s an excellent example of how to do things well, even if there are significant challenges ahead. However, to describe this exciting country a little, we can say that it is the second most important economy in Asia with 24 Nobel Prize winners, making it the most awarded nation globally with these recognitions. It is currently ranked 23rd in the economic freedom index developed by the Heritage Foundation. The international property rights index developed by the Property Rights Alliance Japan is ranked 12th. 

Among the things that have achieved such a level of development are the collaboration between the State, the private sector, and universities, which has led it to be the third country with the highest number of patents in the world and, in addition, with an investment by the private sector for research and development that represents about 80% of the total, as highlighted by the Spanish Institute for Strategic Studies. 

Likewise, from the perspective of the country itself, as stated by Máximo Taylhardat we interviewed, who belongs to the culture area of the Embassy of Japan in Caracas, one of the most striking elements is that all this technological development has always been done with a great sense of belonging to the culture itself, respected by practically all the members of its society, which contributes to consider the importance of traditions in a country without this impeding its development, or as Ambassador Kenji Okada has expressed it: “The reconstruction and development of Japan were not achieved overnight, but was due to the continuous efforts of the Japanese people, including our ancestors.”

Japan is a poor country that, by focusing on the education of its people, shows us that it is possible to be the best and advance beyond our imagination with determination, education, research, focus on economic freedom and protection of private property without neglecting respect for one’s own culture and traditions.