The rise of e-commerce in Spain: this is what the online buyer looks like in 2022

April 13, 2022

Every minute, six million people make an online purchase. Specifically, the 5.7 million searches carried out on Google translate into $434,014 per minute in sales on the network worldwide, according to 2021 data collected by Visual Capitalist .

In Spain, the figures are clearly on the rise . 86% of the population already buys and sells through the internet, a very high figure if we place it in the international context. Half of the population in India lives disconnected from the Internet, by 41% in China and 81% in countries such as Ethiopia or the Congo.

In the last year, in addition, the number of people who not only buy but also sell online has increased . According to the second edition of Adevinta's Digital Pulse , 58% of Spaniards have made some sale over the Internet, either regularly or sporadically. This represents a growth of 13 points compared to the 2020 data.