Report on Export Preparedness Index 2021

March 24, 2022

India has shown remarkable resistance to the obstacles created by the pandemic in global trade and India has achieved new heights in terms of export in the financial year 2021-22. In light of this, the Second Edition of Export Preparedness Index 2021 offers a comprehensive analysis of India’s export milieu with new indicators that have been added that provide a robust picture to this edition. The report is also an attempt to capture the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and recovery from it in terms of exports.

The Export Preparedness Index (EPI) aims to examine the export performance and the export readiness of the states and union territories. The idea behind the index is to create a benchmark to rank these states and UTs to help them individually promote a conducive export environment in the region. The index is an essential tool for policymakers and exporters to identify the drivers and obstacles, and examine the same to strategize a viable export map for the state. The basic structure of the framework remains unchanged from the previous edition. Although to enhance the robustness of the index, few new indicators have been incorporated based on stakeholder suggestions. The index entails four pillars, eleven sub pillars and sixty indicators and covers across 28 states and 8 UTs and Karnataka. In the category of ‘Landlocked States’, Haryana was the best-performing state. Among ‘Himalayan States’ and ‘Union Territories’, Uttarakhand and Delhi are the top-performing states respectively. The fifth chapter provides recommendations for sub-national policymakers to ponder over. Several learnings emerged during the course of the preparation of the report, and it is hoped that the learnings derived from the report will help policymakers to give them direction in terms of enhancing the export competitiveness in their respective states. Furthermore, the detailed state profiles and scorecards are also attached in this portion, which provides a comprehensive snapshot of the current export landscape of each state and union territory. Finally, Appendix I provides the list of 60 indicators in detail, a brief explanation of the same, and the sources; Appendix II provides weights for all the indicators. Appendix III delineates the calculation of the Market Penetration Index, one of the key indicators in export performance.