Agreement with the IMF, what should they vote for?

March 9, 2022

After the government closed the deal with the Fund, one of the main discussions is how the opposition or even part of the alliance that is in power should vote. From there, the possibilities that are being considered should take into account that a part of the opposition considers that there is a better alternative than refinancing the debt with the international organization. If someone thinks so, it is logical that he would vote against it.


However, the general consensus is that, without a refinancing of the debt with the IMF, we are going to default on payments with the international organization and, from then on, to a deepening of the crisis that will alarmingly raise the levels of poverty. Whoever thinks so, may have the greatest differences with what was agreed; but he can't help but acknowledge that a bad deal is better than none. Unless he doesn't care that a large part of Argentines go on to live in misery. Therefore, we must take into account the political cost of being associated with the image of having pushed Argentina into the abyss, which would imply minimal chances of reaching the government in the future.