What is the agreement with the IMF for Argentines?

February 22, 2022

A positive expectation has been generated by the closing of the negotiation with the International Monetary Fund. It is not for less, if we arrived in March without a refinancing of the more than USD5,000 million that are due with that organization and the Paris Club, we would go into default and, from then on, a great deepening of the crisis, with a tremendous societal cost. Now, does that mean that all the problems of the Argentines have been solved?

The answer is no.  The economy is not predestined to stabilize and grow steadily for the sole fact of having signed an agreement with the IMF, but that will depend on what is done with the time of tranquility that is going to be gained. The closing of this chapter must be used to show how the enormous burden that the State has imposed on a suffocated productive private sector that is being squeezed with taxes and fees will be removed. In addition, they take away a large part of the available credit to finance excess public spending and overwhelm it with absurd regulations.