December 2, 2021

This document is a collective contribution by the members of Economic Ad­visory Group, an independent group comprising individuals from academia, policy, and the private sector. An independent think tank Policy Research In­stitute of Market Economy (PRIME) has formed this group and serves as its secretariat.

The Economic Advisory Group is chaired by Syed Javed Hassan, a former investment banker and currently the chairman of NAVTTC and a regular writer on economic issues. Other members are: Dr. Aadil Nakhoda (Assistant Profes­sor, IBA Karachi), Dr. Ahmed Jamal Pirzada (Assistant Professor, University of Bristol, UK), Ali Salman, (Executive Director, PRIME), Muhammad Ashraf Khan (former Federal Secretary), Mueen Batlay (Director, Hamdard Institute of Man­agement Sciences), Najma Minhas (Managing Editor, Global Village Space), Samir Ahmed, (CEO, Knightsbridge Capital Group), Dr. Shazia Ghani (Team Lead, PM Special Initiatives Cell, in her personal capacity), Dr. Vaqar Ahmed, (Joint Executive Director, SDPI), Dr. Salamat Ali (Trade Economist, Common­wealth Secretariat), and Maheen Rahman (Chief Executive Officer at Infra Zamin Pakistan)

The EAG would like to especially thank Syed Javed Hassan and Dr. Ahmed Pir­zada for doing major part of writing in this document as well as extensive inputs provided by Ali Salman, Dr. Aadil Nakhoda, Dr. Vaqar Ahmed, Samir Ahmed and Mueen Batlay.


The group earlier submitted this document to the Planning Commission as a contribution to national economic debate on voluntary basis and is grateful to the office of the Chief Economist for providing this opportunity.