Google’s Tryst with Antitrust Cases: Lessons for Innovation

October 30, 2020

Over the last few years, the Big Tech firms have been in the limelight more for the wrong reasons than right. The five American technology giants – Amazon, Apple, Alphabet, Facebook, and Microsoft – have come a full circle from revolutionizing the world to becoming the biggest companies in the history of mankind to emerging as a threat to the very fabric of modern society in recent times. The menace of fake news, the invasion of privacy, the alleged influence in election outcomes, and the problem of addiction to social media have a common root in the meteoric success of the Big Tech firms. 


More recently, the issue of antitrust has been added to that list – not for the first time in the history of technology companies, however. A bipartisan antitrust panel in the US House of Representatives questioned the chief executives of Amazon, Apple, Alphabet and Facebook earlier this year and last week Google was slapped with the biggest antitrust case in a generation. The company faces a long road ahead of itself to prove that it is not unfairly dominating the online search engine space.