Without economic freedom, South Africans will never grow their own wealth pies

October 26, 2020
South Africa has experimented with economic freedom since 1994, but not embraced it to the extent that would yield significant material outcomes for the most vulnerable in society. Many commentators are wax-lyrical about the country's potential. That potential means little if there are myriad roadblocks to economic liberation, and every bit of momentum is quickly stopped by the government slamming the brakes.
One could be forgiven for throwing their hands up in despair at the unyielding negative news cycle. However, we must not let our frustration obfuscate the fact that if South Africa radically transformed its policy landscape, substantial economic growth would result. This requires a break with the ideas and policies that came before, where the state assumes all manner of control over people’s lives, decisions, and affairs. By adopting what has worked elsewhere, without exception, South Africa could finally see that radical growth that is needed to improve the lot of the poor.