Next Generation Italia: Proposals & Problems For Innovation

October 6, 2020

The document #Nextgenerationitalia, with the guidelines for the “National Recovery and Resilience Plan”, gives priority to Transition 4.0, research, networks and infrastructures, and digital skills. The government will finally be able to lay the foundations for a true digital transformation and to condense the proposals into a single strategy.


Analyzing the document containing the guidelines for the "National Recovery and Resilience Plan", approved by the Interministerial Committee for European Affairs, you will find the missions established by the government which the projects of the various administrations will have to undergo in order to be considered eligible to obtain the funds of the Recovery Fund.


In the first place the item “Digitization, innovation, and competitiveness of the production system” was inserted. Is this a sign of greater attention to these issues? Will the resources from the Recovery Fund be an opportunity to innovate and digitize Italy or will it be yet another wasted opportunity?