Uprooting Degrowth

October 5, 2020

Welcome to the new face of anti-consumerism growing in Europe: degrowth.


In a nutshell, degrowth asks that we should abandon economic growth as a metric for measuring progress. It argues that gross domestic product (GDP) is a particularly poor measure of prosperity. It rarely reflects living standards, while the gains from economic growth all too often help the rich and leave mere crumbs for the poor.


Moreover, according to degrowth’s proponents, if we want to avert the impending climate apocalypse, we must urgently and permanently pursue a lower rate of economic growth. Sustainable growth and green capitalism are fantasies. Instead, we should center our societies on values like conviviality, work sharing, redistribution, and happiness.


Suppose that our economy is a pie. Instead of expanding the pie, our focus should be to redistribute who gets which slice.