Europe 2030. How we will live in ten years

September 30, 2020

Is Europe an obsolete model?


The pressure to migrate is increasing, the mountains of debt in the EU countries are growing, experts warn of a financial crash in the face of cheap money and negative interest rates. More and more citizens are afraid to express their opinion openly, in France hundreds of thousands take to the streets against the government. Islamic parallel societies are emerging in Western and Central Europe, and in Germany, a 17-year-old prophetess of the end of the world is venerated. Economically, technologically and militarily, Europe is falling behind and is hardly in a position to respond adequately to crises. Britain, the US, and Russia are turning away.


Together with 10 other authors, Werner Reichel, Andreas Tögel, and Andreas Unterberger think about questions like these: Where is Europe headed? How will we, our children and grandchildren live ten years from now?


The book "Europe 2030" offers an outlook for the next few years. The time span of ten years is manageable and the statements are therefore verifiable. Most of the twelve authors paint a rather gloomy picture of Europe's future. Since the book was published before the corona crisis, the crisis is not taken into account.