Safeguard Critical Supply Chains by Addressing Weak Links: Crisis Working Group on Business Continuity and Trade

April 2, 2020

At the second meeting of the C.D. Howe Institute Crisis Working Group on Business Continuity and Trade, the group underscored the importance of government action to safeguard supply chains for critical goods – and address potential bottlenecks in the transport of goods by truck domestically and internationally. The group of industry experts and economists urged governments to work closely with industry to address bottlenecks, but advised caution with regards to direct intervention or taking over supply chains. 


The group highlighted the following priorities for governments:

  • Safeguarding the flow of goods internationally and domestically
  • Collaborating with critical industries to identify and address bottlenecks in supply chains
  • Limiting workplace activities based on specific assessments of the risk of transmission
  • Supporting industry-led efforts to develop health and safety measures to prevent transmission in workplaces