Libertad y Progreso

Libertad y Progreso is a think tank based in Buenos Aires (Argentina) that specializes in public policy. It is the result of a merger between three like-minded nonprofits that united to create a center for critical thinking and investigation that seeks to solve citizens problems, promoting the values and principles of a Federal Representative Republic. It is a nonprofit organization that is private and independent from any political or religious affiliation. It does not take money from the government. Its funding comes only from contributions from individuals, foundations and businesses engaged with Argentina’s future.

VISION: To transform Argentina into an open society based on respect towards individual rights, limited government, private property, free enterprise and peace.

OBJECTIVES: To develop and boost public policies that will improve the quality of life in Argentina and the rest of Latin America in the long run. To promote citizen involvement and a debate over the role of the State and the individual in our society.