A new framework for Europe’s digital rules. Leading the path towards AI and digital services revolution

Tuesday, October 13, 2020 - 10:30

As part of its Digital Strategy, the European Commission is preparing to put on the table in the coming months two of the main legislative packages of the current institutional cycle. On the one hand, the AI legislation, which will follow-up the White Paper with the aim to define a regulatory and investment-oriented approach to promote the uptake of AI and address the risks associated with its uses. On the other hand, the Digital Services Act, which should modernize the current legal framework for digital services to strengthen the Digital Single Market and foster innovation and competitiveness of the European online environment.

As the debate on those topics has been intensifying in recent months within the European Institutions and in the national capitals, PromethEUs organizes its first Digital Conference “A NEW FRAMEWORK FOR EUROPE’S DIGITAL RULES. Leading the path towards AI and digital services revolution”. The event will be held on the 13 October 2020 (16:30 – 19:00) on a video-conference platform.

The conference will provide a forum for high-level representatives from EU and national institutions, research and business organizations, trade and consumer associations, and other relevant stakeholders, in order to take stock of the Commission Digital Strategy in view of the presentation of the legislative proposals.

What is PromethEUs?

PromethEUs is an independent network of four Southern-European think tanks active in their respective countries and at EU level in the fields of economic, business and geopolitical research. Its mission is to constructively contribute to the current European policy debate on the digital revolution by providing a perspective from Southern Europe. PromethEUs aims at being engaged in the debate surrounding the EU Institutions’ digital agenda, with a special focus on SMEs and citizens’ and employees’ skills.

PromethEUs brings together I-Com, Institute for Competitiveness (Italy), EsadeGeo – Center for Global Economy and Geopolitics (Spain), IOBE – Foundation for Economic and Industrial Research (Greece) e Fundação Francisco Manuel dos Santos (Portugal).

PromethEUs has recently released its first publication “THE N(EU) WAY TO ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. Challenges and Perspectives for Southern Europe” and organised two DigitalTalks in May and July.