The Future of 5G: Benefits and Challenges in Deployment

Wednesday, April 20, 2022 - 15:30

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated Malaysia’s transition towards a new economy, namely one centred around digitalization. It is crucial to prepare Malaysia’s digital infrastructure for the advent of this new economy, including in 5G. The 5G rollout is expected to help local businesses and FDIs achieve more efficiency and competitiveness, including those in manufacturing, healthcare, finance, and shipping and transportation sub-sectors.

However, Malaysia’s 5G rollout is also fraught with challenges. More work will need to be done in the fields of data protection and cybersecurity issues to ensure consumer and data protection beyond Malaysian borders. As well, concerns have been raised about the government’s proposed Single Wholesale Network (SWN) model, in which the licence for 5G is given only to government-owned Digital Nasional Berhad (DNB), which will be responsible for the infrastructure rollout, whereas existing Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) will be relegated to only offering variations of retail service.

The webinar will provide the platform to explore the benefits and risks of 5G deployment in the Malaysian context. It will explore issues related to 5G and cybersecurity as well as examine measures to mitigate risks of the SWN 5G rollout model. The experts will share best practices of 5G roll-out and discuss ways to ensure the 5G network will be beneficial and inclusive for all levels of society in Malaysia.