Active Carbon Management: Critical Tools in the Climate Toolbox

Tuesday, May 3, 2022 - 10:00


Active carbon management technologies—like carbon capture and storage, and direct air capture—eliminate emissions from power and industrial plants and draw down atmospheric carbon emissions. These technologies will be vital to keep global emissions in line with the Paris Agreement while facilitating economic development as called for by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Deploying these technologies at scale requires expanded incentives, continued RD&D funding, and streamlined permitting and siting regulations.

Please join ITIF for the presentation of a new report and an expert panel discussion on the critical role carbon management technologies could play in coming decades and the innovation policies that could turn that promise into reality.

Peter Freudenstein
Climate Policy Manager
David M. Hart
Senior Fellow
Information Technology and Innovation Foundation
Jeff St. John
Director of News and Special Projects
Canary Media
Anu Khan
Deputy Director of Science and Innovation
Stefan Koester
Senior Policy Analyst
Information Technology and Innovation Foundation